Thursday, September 10, 2009

I have promises to pay

I have promises to pay

The morning star beckons me
As the dawn spreads its glory
And angels gather up above
To ordain the deeds of the day

Breakfast on the table
It's time to take the tube
Many a million faces
Huddling so near yet so far

After the pleasantries are over
It's meeting time again
Status checks and reviews and more
Somewhere a clock ticks away

Back on my desk for the next chore
Many calls to make
Deadlines on the to-do list
Time to take a break

Sitting late once again
The proposal has to go tomorrow
Done and am about to leave
And the phone rings for a second time

Back home after a long day
Wife and kids are asleep
Underneath the shower I think
Highlights of today

After a winding sleep
Yet it's another day
All dressed up and ready to go
'Cause I have promises to pay



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