Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Computers for Students

Computers for Students

For those wishing to study computers, here’s what it takes

1. Passion, Passion, Passion
2. Read, Read, Read
3. Understand deeply
4. Reflect
5. Relate to nature

A flair for mathematics would be of help, but not necessary.

Computing is as vast as Pacific Ocean. There are so many different branches and so many things to learn. You need to specialize.

But before you do so, get a broad understanding of the subject. Look out for mentors. Submit to them and they will show you the way. The friend you have here is the internet. There is so much of good stuff available there that it can inundate you. But don’t get intimidated.

Some Do’s and Dont’s

1. Learn atleast 1 new thing everyday
2. Listen to the voice of the experts and the people (the long tail)
3. Follow news regularly
4. Pick up a subject and keep a timeline for studying it. Monitor it to closure.
5. Move onto related subject areas for eg: Computers are being used almost everywhere in every facet of life.
Study the line of application also very well
6. Don’t be in a hurry. You will learn
7. Focus and Concentrate. Don’t let your thoughts drift when you are studying.
8. Think of the work. Remember, the ‘What’ is more important than ‘Who’

And finally pray to God before you embark on anything ...

All the best

Guru 30

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