Sunday, September 20, 2009

The emotional nirvana

Frequencies of emotions

What we feel at any point of time is a frequency like sound or light. The lower level frequencies are made up of emotions like anger, jealousy, greed etc. The higher level frequencies are those of joy, compassion etc. Both these affect our outer bodies, which is nothing but the body with its aural glow. We can feel the frequencies of others all the time. Recollect that some people drag you while some people elevate you to a higher experience. These are the radiating frequencies which makes the difference.

Emotions may hinder work. Hence it's always advisable to keep ones emotions in check. The best position is the position of joy where we feel great reverence towards everything in the universe. This is different from respect. Respect may come out of fear, but not reverence. To get back to a joyful state, we will have to unlearn a lot of our baggage that we unnecessarily carry around with us. If we are able to do that, then we reach a position of solitude filled with bliss not loneliness.

As we all find that Silence is bliss and sometimes ignorance also is ...

The Tao Te Ching clearly tells us that those who speak they do not know and those who know they do not speak. But don't mistake a fool who keeps quiet from a genius who's got the formula. The truth is never the word. It's unspoken. It's understood. It's felt. There is nothing beyond it. It just is. The abstractions that we go on creating take us farther away from the truth. But they do have some semblance of the truth buried into some places. Simplicity is the way. If you can explain a concept simply to anyone, then you have really understood.

The next stage is sharing. When the intention and the meaning is comprehensible in its real sense, that kind of time is really soul sharing. Technology can act as a catalyst but for a group of two or more people, the effective time is when knowledge is shared simply.

Most of the people hunt for knowledge and once they have it they try to make it actionable. Alas, if there was a clear cut way of making this knowledge effective, there wouldn't be so much of confusion. We have to cut through the veil of illusion that surrounds the how of the decipherable ocean of knowledge that surrounds us and start getting results – the right way.

Now coming back to the topic of emotions – we need to be situated in joy in order to do this.

Nirvana for everyone.



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