Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Vanity – The enemy of happiness

Vanity – The enemy of happiness

There are moments of pride for almost everyone. This is typical when we get praise for what we have done. To bask in the happiness is good as long as it is short. Move on to the next target. For that we have to know what the next target is.

Many people do not make goals. In such a case all roads lead to the target as the same is unknown. The difference between having a goal and not having one makes the difference between one who has achieved success and the one who has not yet made it, since he/she does not know when we have arrived.

Goals serve an intention. The purity of the intention is the one that guides the goal towards its fulfilment. A goal is a true goal when nothing is expected out of the actions that move us towards the goal. A tool like MS Project helps us with tasks which build up towards a goal. When a task is assigned, the assignee or the assignor is not important. The task is.

We need to focus on work for work's sake. As long as vanity does not set in when things are going as per plan or a small goal is achieved, we can safely steer away towards work. A fact is more important than its interpretation. The latter is just opinion. The former is truth.

And there is nothing beyond the truth. Not vanity. Not work.

That is probably the reason that numbers drive any business. When the quantification is precise, the base data is correct. See the importance of metrics. Rest is the interpretation. This may be like reading a general knowledge book. If temperature in a place is 30 degrees, it may be too hot for someone and for some others it may be cold. But having felt so, does not change the temperature. Objectivity should not have a tinge of bias because of preset notions.

Goodbye vanity. Hello truth.



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