Monday, September 14, 2009

We live in a magical world ...

We live in a magical world. Miracles surround us. Imagine an acorn becoming an Oak tree. An oyster giving birth to a pearl. Or a baby which starts walking on its own. If these aren't miracles, then what are ? Here's a song to celebrate miracles.


Raindrops falling on a tree

Waves lashing, did you see

An eagle flying so very high

A human hand with fingers five


In the midst of all this I know

A beating heart whispers low

In dreams that brave men dream

Of beauty and the gracious queen


So spellbound am I in this tune

Words fail to become immune

A jet that was flying so very high

Suddenly stopped with a sigh


Friends now it's time to go

Things awaiting for me to know

And somewhere in my memory

My love will wait like history


As long as these stars shall shine

I will await by your shrine

One day I will call upon thee

In forlorn days just you and me




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