Monday, August 30, 2010

Being a trainer ain’t easy

The role of an Acharya

The need for a good teacher is felt by every organization. A teacher can also be a mentor. Training is about sweat and blood. It saps you of your mental state, as one is constantly engaged with the students thoughts. The mark of a good trainer is that he teaches students how to fish than giving them a fish every day.

The trainer holds the position of a mother or father, constantly enduring the questions that come up in the minds of his students. A good trainer is like Narada, the Dev-Hrishi who always used to think of Lord Vishnu. No wonder Valmiki (the author of Ramayana) was his disciple. You can really achieve wisdom when you train people.

A trainer will be surprised to see different angles to his basic teachings, as the students feed him with more ideas and possibilities. Being a trainer is a tough job. To handle many students at the same time is a challenge. Everybody vies for your attention and you have to give them all personal consideration.

The mode of delivery is changing now. Earlier we used to have classroom theory trainings and then practical's. In the modern world these two functions are now performed in the same class. The other area that will be bullish will be online training. As video conferencing becomes more viable and cheaper, the means of teaching is also remote in nature.

A trainer can never be substituted with a e-learning programme for example. The eye-to-eye contact between 2 or more people will never be overtaken by remote training. A trainer grows faster than a person who does not share information. Training is not a panacea, but nevertheless it's a requirement for everyone.

Om Guruvaye Namaha !!!



Jeevan said...

One of best phrases I've heard about a trainer is .. A trainer is one who creates an 'intellectual excitement' in his students to learn.

The trainer gets one return on investment that cannot be equated with anything else. It is the gift of happiness he gets in seeing his people grow to NLG (Next Level of Greatness). It is delightful.. much like nurturing a seed and enjoying its growth & finally find it a become a beautiful tree some day!

Guru30 said...


Sometimes my students come and ask me about the future and career. Although I'm not fit for advising them on everything, it gives me pleasure. Better yet, is when they achieve their career goals. Thanks Jeevan.