Saturday, August 21, 2010

The man-woman enigma

I'm sitting on a teddy and writing this post. Why do kids like Teddy bears? Why do girls like Barbies and boys like Ben10? It's because of the way we are wired up. Men and Women are different. While men are good at backend work, women are good at aesthetics or the front end. A User Experience (UX) is better done by a woman. This is my opinion, and I may be wrong.

Men like more action while women go for emotions. Today although we are working together, the generalized predictions like the above holds good. Men are more logical while women are more intuitive. I believe that a HR function headed by a woman makes more sense, as they are more sensitive to personal issues.

Men are physically stronger than women. But a women's strength lies in her inner beauty. The light that shone in her eyes is more context like than a man's. Men I find are more arduous than women. One problem with the fairer sex esp. in countries like India is working late hours. Although women are gearing up to jobs like in Contact Centres.

Kids after the age of three start developing their own personalities. This is when the ego kicks in and identity consciousness sets in. A girl normally copies her mother and the son follows his father. In numerology also the Sun is number 1 which denotes the father and mother which is number 2 stands for the moon.

Why women are considered as subordinates to men is beyond my grasp. The role of a women is very critical in society. After all, a mother is a natural phenomenon and a father is a social phenomenon.





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