Sunday, August 01, 2010

To a better world …

Both Rama and Ravana were great warriors. But Rama stands for what is right. Hence he wins. In life also the truth triumphs in the end. Life is full of choices. The choices that we make, shapes the future of things to come. There are lies which are good. If a lie is said with the consideration of a positive effect on others, it's not a lie anymore. This is what Krishna says.

Spiritual works are not myths or folklore. They represent truth to its finest. They also provide us a guideline to walk on the paths of those who have succeeded before. In today's world, there are definitely some people who follow principles and they do not fall into oblivion. However truth and falsity have a lot of shades.

It takes a great amount of courage to walk on the steps of those who have thrived. Let me give you an example. A while back, I had taken classes for a batch from Iflex. (now its Oracle Financials) One of the girls broke down in the class. I could've said that it's not my problem. But I spoke to her and made her feel better. As a result she attended the classes without any problem from then on. I cherish this experience. At the same time, I have been at fault once when I did recognize that a person is on the verge of mental asphyxiation and I tried being tough on him as a manager.

You learn your lessons. Sometimes you make the right choice and sometimes you are wrong. Well, we have to correct the wrong ones, learn from them and move on. It's difficult to be a Rama or a Krishna, but then I guess we at least need to give it a shot. The aura that we have should be emanating positive waves that submerge the bad and bring out the glory of others. I don't see any point in saying we feel for the poverty problem but have done nothing for it.

The time is for action. Wake up now. Go to work.



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Anonymous said...

nice,..wel its is widely said,.. wat Ram did was rit,,
or was it?
how about a good brother revolting against the insult and attack on his sister...??
i guess..