Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Identify the signal from the noise

Think with your heart and you will never go wrong. That sub-second response to a situation is God's calling to you. Learn to identify that among the myriad of information that keeps bombarding at us. Identify the signal from the noise. It's an 'always-on' connection that we have with higher intelligence. Let them guide us. Do not resist.

To go through life without listening to this channel is like a flower whose scent gets wasted in the desert. Listen to it closely. He is guiding us. The mind is just a tool. Do not think with the mind, as it likes complex things and the clutter. Try this out. Everyday sit in a corner without any disturbance for maybe half an hour. Just watch the mind paint the picture. Focus your attention onto the next thought. You will find that the mind gives up after some time.

This thoughtless state is what the sages refer to as 'This is That' . There is so much of tranquillity in this state that nothing seems to be a comparable experience. It really cannot be described. It has to be experienced. Words fail as they do stand for metaphors and not the actual truth. Whatever be the nature of the flux and change outside, deep within us we are all God-heads.

Shruti is what is heard and Smrithi is what is remembered. First listen to the Shruti – of the endless and the infinite. And then dissolve in the ethereal vibrations of the same. Remind yourself of these thoughts that a Shruti triggers. Better than thoughts, I should say the feeling. Visualize the Smrithi part and enjoy the beauty and intricacy of life just weaved for us.

If you learn to identify the noise from signal, this world would be heaven. And heaven is right here, within our grasp.



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