Monday, August 23, 2010

Feel the power of love

Does love need a reason to exist? No, because it comes right from the irrational exuberance of the heart. You give some and you take some. But in order to get, you have to give first. And love is the greatest gift that you can give anyone. In terms of gifts, in terms of money or let it be anything that you are capable of giving. Give you must, for you to be able to receive.

Love is not just between animate objects. When it occurs between inanimate objects, the term given is gravity. That is also a form of love. When people emanate love, other things and people get drawn towards it. That is why the planets move around the Sun, because Sun is the father who gives his sunlight (a form of love) in exchange for nothing.

When love demands something in return, be sure that it is not love. By its very nature love is unconditional. It imposes no demands. Love doesn't make a person feel anxious. In fact when love arises in your heart, it makes you lighter and gives a wholesome feeling. The only way we can reason out about this concept is wisdom. The heart knows what the brain cannot feel.

Love exists between software's also. When a program talks to another program without expecting anything in return, it's a form of love. Thus in the classical definition, a procedure with arguments or global memory (semaphores) is displaying affection for the called program, but a function is selfish as it expects a return value. An unconditional jump is the greatest form of love.

So spread the message of love throughout this world, and very soon you will see a changed planet.



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