Tuesday, August 10, 2010

To live is to die

To live is to die every moment. We are all created by our choice. With this choice we choose the future to be. To live means to live for the 'Now'. Embrace it with all you have, because that is the only truth. The past has gone and the future is a big '?'. Live wisely in the moment and the future will be bright. Make no mistakes; it's all about the present. The rest is conversation.

Somebody has said these wise words 'If you don't have what you like then you should like what you have.' Be content in the present whatever may be the situation. Look down below. There are lot of people who do not lead the blessed life that you do. But always look up to the clouds. Like they don't leave a mark when they travel, we should also wipe our past.

Let the present be immersed in joy and prayer. This will change your life from within. You will become a radiant person who will spread the message of love to the world. Whosever comes in contact with you will benefit from your aura. You may have learnt a lot of lessons. Now it's time for you to walk the talk. Tread softly, because you tread on people's dreams.

As the law of attraction holds good, you will attract the right situations and people into your life. A poem I read somewhere talks about a person who after crossing a bridge in a heavy storm, sees that bridge crumbling. He goes on to build another bridge. And people ask him why the need, because he has already reached the other shore. And he replies that it is for those who may want to come to the other side, that he is building the bridge.

Be considerate. Everybody has a story. Be sensitive. Empathize and learn to live a life of love.

God Bless,


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