Saturday, August 28, 2010

The new high


No. It's not a drug. We are talking about people online, especially those who spend more than 10 hours time daily. This is a new form of addiction. The virtual world or the internet is a place where people tend to spend more time than in the natural world. What can you do? The damn thing is so full of exciting opportunities and ideas that you can't stay away from it.

There is a feeling of being a watcher on the net. But with the prevalence of Web 2.0, it became interaction or sharing to be more precise. There is a great need for people to be heard and to know that their viewpoints are being considered by someone somewhere. Plus there is a thrill of talking to strangers without getting hurt physically.

All this conundrum adds up to things like restlessness, insomnia and many other syndromes. Anything in moderation is good. When we spend excess hour online, we become addicted and this keeps on increasing. Finally, without the machine, you don't have an identity. There are many antisocial types who are a result of this phenomenon.

We have to strike the right balance, between time that is spent online and that which goes into natural things. As long as we don't overdo it, we are safe. A virtual handshake doesn't have the authenticity of a real one. A virtual friend somewhere cannot look you into the eye, even if a webcam is handy.

So don't be a dork. Read a book instead of a PDF. Go out with a friends and chat rather than IM. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Balance will keep you steady.



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