Saturday, August 21, 2010

Beyond the Obvious

There are two kinds of people in this world – they who speak from the heart and those who do it from the brain. (I mean at a particular point of time) The former are genuine as they do not have any hidden agenda's. The latter as you know can be devious and calculating. This is only when it comes to people. Birds, fishes etc. do not work with the brain.

The brain as you know is a tool, to help us achieve productivity. It becomes a grave problem when used to manipulate people and other objects. The messages emanating from the heart always bring joy. And those from the brain, which are joy like, are actually pleasures which don't last for long. Sometimes the brain starts to interfere with the hearts messages. This can prove to be fatal.

Look beyond the obvious. Don't get carried away by what people say or what you hear. Trust but verify. In fact, trusting is the hearts domain, whereas verifying is a tool based action i.e. with the help of the brain. When you look at anything, no matter what, all have a story behind them. From the tree growing in your backyard to the house that you live in.

Besides, you look at fiction novels which create stories and sometimes fantasies too. Epiphanies come from the heart. They are reminders to our busy tryst with the brain. Use both the heart and the brain judiciously. One is a spiritual centre and the other is a mechanic's machinery. Love what you do – a heart's way and do what you love – a brains domain.

See below the hood. Of all those wonderful things that God has gifted us and keeps showering on us. Learn to relate all events with stories, 'cause nothing beats a bedtime fable told by my dear grandma, who is no longer in this world.

Yours truly


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