Thursday, August 19, 2010

Towards a bright future …

You are the captain of my ship; you are the master of my soul. This is poetry that was true in the yester years when kings used to rule the kingdom. Good kings had such a good reputation that their junta used to follow them. Some even ready to lay down their lives. The military had a big say, unlike today when people have a voice above the soldiers.

To be a king is not easy. You have to balance your choices. The image that a king projects is of utmost importance, esp. in a monarchy. Democracy on the other hand works on crowdsourcing. This long tail is picking up with the advent of social networks. People want to see and be heard in a crowd. Everyone seems to crave for information.

Democracy will also be applicable in the technology of the future. Today the CPU is not the only central processing unit. There are many support chips like Graphic Controller GPU's which are as powerful as a CPU. CPU used to be the king but now with the arrival of multicores, there is now more than 1 CEO on the top.

Parallel processors capable of intelligence like predictive logic will be in vogue in the future. The decisions taken within a system will be more by voting and execution will be in a neural network fashion. Software will map readily to these kind of hardware, so much so that all operations will seem to be happening in a jiffy.

And after all what we are looking for is convenience to be replaced by the 'A-ha' factor. Wait for a couple of years and see where we will reach.

Towards a bright future …


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