Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The power of simplicity - making your presentations rock

Do you know why I write these posts (or articles as some may call it) in maximum 5 paragraphs? Because, finally it's all about simplicity. People don't like to read long articles. They want to get to the essence in the shortest and the sweetest way. If you really cannot put across your point in say 20-25 words, you need to practice the subject better.

Look at a product like Twitter. You are forced to enter your thought in 140 characters. Twitter is a sweet and short micro-blogging site. I think twitter really enhances the depth of your subject. Because if you are clear about what you are saying, you should be able to put it up in, as few words as possible. Communication begins with listening, understanding, planning and finally putting your point across.

The other thing I would recommend is visuals. Somebody once said an apt quote 'A picture is worth a thousand words.' If you ever wonder why it is so, the answer is quite simple. Our brain works on visuals. Comprehending an image is much easier and faster than a string of words. An animated visual is still further catchy, because again the mind loves to observe and narrate stories.

To make your presentations snazzy, follow the big rule – short is sweet, no extra texts, give visuals wherever possible. Have you seen the way Steve Jobs presents. Well, then you know what I'm talking about. But please note that a very good presentation will also not cut it, if your content is bad. Good content + Good aesthetics + Good delivery = Super Presentation.

So go ahead, and unleash and embrace the power of simplicity.

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