Sunday, May 23, 2010

A wise man knows everything

A wise man knows everything. A fool knows everybody. (Paulo Coelho)

A wise man has wisdom to get the knowledge of everything, whereas a fool is not wise and hence he is at the level of knowledge of knowing everybody. Hence a fool's actions are sordid whereas a wise man's actions are uplifiting.

Wisdom comes at a price. The price of detachment. The price of loneliness. The price of dropping the past and the future to live in the present. You may find that some people practice these things and some people strike a contrived posture which makes them seem like wise people. How do you make them out ? Well for one thing. The wise man does not have an inner agenda in doing something. He just does it because he enjoys it.

When somebody asked what 'Zen' is, a master said, 'He sleeps when he feels sleepful and eats when he is hungry'. It is as simple as that. Heed nature's call. Enjoy the present moment. Because that is the only thing that is there. Rest is all illusions. Don't get into too many goals and desires. Desire should be there definitely, otherwise we won't be able to make progress. But keep the desires limited. A goal is certainly the way, but they change with events. Do not get perturbed if they do.

Realizing God is also a desire. There is just one song that comes to my mind now. 'Let it Be'. (John Lennon) Do not be desperate for an outcome. What happens, happens for a cause. Only the Supreme Intelligence knows why so. So we may not be able to figure out some things. It's OK. Infact we are not even able to figure out many many things. Take it one step at a time. To know is to know anything from different levels. Even if you don't , it's fine. Do not be so hard on yourself.

Just enjoy the present. And that's my message. Don't think too much. Go have a good time.




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