Sunday, February 21, 2016

To the most gracious and the most merciful

Never care for what they do
Never care for things they say
Never dare for they are mad

Something like this is the old Metallica song. Do what you feel is right, not what you think is right. Today is 21st Feb 2016 and the number 3 (2+1) is ruled by Jupiter or Brihaspati or Lord Vishnu. Pray with your full heart. Cry, dance, scream. Do whatever it takes to invoke the higher self. You are not alone. This is his promise : I’ll not only protect you, but your shadow also. Such guarantees don’t come easily.

G say nikla Gandhiji
Gandhiji ne khaya Peru
Peru se nikla Neru

(Old Nursery song)

So breach yourself only if you feel like. Write a poem, a blog or a handbook diary. Never say never. Remember, Napolean said, Impossible is a word in the dictionary of fools.

Foolish like you and me. Spurt out or chew out all that useless things you call knowledge and walk on the righteous path of those who have realized the true way (Tao) The earth is modelled after Heaven and the Heaven is made from God, the living spirit. Remember also that they are indispensable and intricately woven ? Would your father back out of a good deal ? Do not make deals with God. Just enjoy the ride and you will reach not one , two but many goals.

To the most gracious and the most merciful …


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