Sunday, January 03, 2016

What are we really looking for ?

A very happy and prosperous New Year to all of you. Miracles all around us, still can’t get enough. Isn’t the whole world around us miraculous ? There are 3 trillion cells inside our body, dancing away to the tune of a subtle intelligence. There are many leaves on a tree, each one different, but still the same – they grow, they wither away. A seed has infinite potential, because inside the seed is the promise of a forest. If you look at a flower, it just spreads its beauty or fragrance to us and asks nothing back in return. A lion is a lion by nature. It doesn’t act as a sheep or a jackal. It lives and hunts when hungry. A deer on the other hand eats grass and has to run faster than that lion (the predator) or it will become it’s food. A fish lives inside water. It can’t imagine a world outside water. For it, water is like what air is to us. All these are part of this great nature. Or rather let’s call it mother nature. Nature doesn’t discriminate. It just let’s everyone be.

Enter us – human beings. You know, we are strange creatures. We have been endowed with a lot of gifts. Creator has given each one of us something special – a gift – maybe more than one. The biggest tragedy while living this short life would be not to realize this gift that we have been given. That’s why we have lawyers who are unhappy because they wanted to be doctors or engineers who wanted to be artists. This according to me is the most important aspect. We must be ourselves. And not act like a lion when we have sheep like qualities or act like a lotus when we are a rose. Our education sometimes overlooks this. Hence sometimes we get lost in trying to find ourselves. We have been made in the image of our heavenly father, it says. As is the Macrocosm, so is the Microcosm. If you carefully observe, the planets go around the Sun. The electrons go around the nucleus of an atom. There is so much of pattern here that we simply have to dismiss this as a co-incidence.

So finally what are we after ? Money, Fame and what after that ? There is a song in Hindi ‘Ye duniya agar mil bhi jaaye to kya hain’ – it means, what if we get this world – what’s the big deal ? Is that what we really want ? Material things do not bring real happiness. The whole world (material) that we perceive with our senses is just temporary. It will exist for some time and is on it’s way to destruction. So what is the point of getting attached to the material world. The only thing that is permanent is God, who has always been, without birth, without death. The big bang which started about 13.7 billion years ago, is just a desire that arose in God’s mind. And like all desires, we know that they come to an end. In today’s world, we have ample choices – we run after these flashing lights, without realizing that our true happiness lies only in one thing – Silence – in other words – God’s presence. Rest all is illusory.

The time has come to put a brake into our reckless longing for more and more. Look at the world today – what will we leave for the next generation – polluted air ? water ? and so on. Of course, we have to focus on the positive – and this will be true only when we be thoughtful or mindful about our actions. We have to live life from our consciousness. Stop this ego play. Because this simply comes from fear and not love. And in God’s world there is no fear. No negatives. Because he is the most kind hearted, most merciful and most gracious. We are all his children. If you have a child, imagine what happens if he/she goes astray. That’s why we have Silence (God or Zero) showing us the path of the righteous. Do not let me go astray – says a prayer. With the shape that the world is in today – we all have a lot of work to do. It starts with righting our wrongs (prevention is better than cure) and then leaving a good legacy behind for the generations to come.
Are we willing to do this ? Every one of us should ask our inner selves.

May peace be with all of us.

Much Love,


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