Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Thoughts on Management and Life

Ready. Aim. Fire – This is old school mantra
Ready. Fire. Aim – This is new school mantra.

The first one is the baby boomers, the millennial and all people in between. They get ready with their strategy (ready) and tactics (aim)  and then fire (execution). Whereas the new age kids all do Strategy, Execution and Planning.  There is a lot to be said about the three layers of management that we come across in Management.

Top – Strategy – Direction
Middle – Tactics – Plan
Bottom – Execution – Work

More and more senior management people are realizing that just sitting in a golden cage predicting a vision does not cut it anymore. They have to be on the ground with the troops. You cannot be a true leader, without dirtying your hands. Then he/she is called a grassroots person. Gone are the days, when the babu’s (officers) sit idle on a chair protected by the very barricades that we erected, called as policy. What is the use of such policies when it does not protect ordinary people ? When law becomes so complex that we ourselves get entangled in it (and become miserable) what is the point of having such laws ? They need to be simplified – either rewritten or deleted.

Coming back to Ready. Fire. Aim.- I have noticed this in children who play with the mobile. When I try to solve something on the mobile, first I think, before hitting a button (thoughtfulness) and my 9 year old son first hits the button (testing them one at a time) one by one (intuition). So which is better ? Gut feel or intuition travels faster than thought and thoughts travel faster than the speed of light. Whoever said that nothing can move faster than light will have to revisit his/her assumption.

Execution plays a very important role. Without perfecting this step, nobody will be able to give wings to his/her dreams. 80% or more of the time should be spent here by everyone, no matter whatever may be their position. We keep spending our time without bothering to look sideways. Well that is good, if a laser sharp focus is required for the work. But if you work effortlessly, grounded in the present ,moment, the awareness would be there automatically. When you follow your gut, your thoughts are not required.

As a matter of fact, I’m going to repeat the same thing that I keep saying to you again and again. Be in the present moment. The Bible says ‘Be still and know that I’m God’. Well, go ahead, realize the God within you. There is another saying which says ‘When you know your(Self) you know God. This Self is nothing but your Atman or Consciousness. Knowing means absence of thoughts and that is true knowing or Wisdom. Thoughtfulness is the same as that.

Now that I have blabbered a lot, I will just leave you with one word – Silence – Period.

Om Shanthi Shanthi Shanthi.

God Bless


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