Sunday, January 24, 2016

You can call me Alvin

I thank God today for all the blessings that he keeps sending our way. Today I went out to a mall with my wife and two kids. We saw the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks. Wonderful movie. Classic animation and voice overs. The American way of doing things – be yourself. Let go. Everything happens for the best. Alvin and his two chipmunks are very adorable. I saw the whole of America in this movie. Made me feel nostalgic. Beautiful Music. From Jazz to Country, all of it packed into this two hours. Alvin’s father is just managing between his duty and personal commitments – as usual. So many roles that we play in this circle of life. Sometimes it’s true that life gives us tough tests. What we have to remember is that God doesn’t give us more than we can handle. Remember he is the most gracious and the most merciful. Alvin’s father (not legal till the last shot of the movie) finds love in a beautiful woman who has a son, but separated or without a spouse. They find love. But love is not something that happens physically. It’s beyond words. They are on their way to finding true love. Message – Go slow. Take your own time. Overall a beautiful movie to watch with your family. My 2 cents on the movie – 8/10.

Now let’s talk about the technicalities of the movie. The animation that feels so live is thanks to technology. Animation is done using software like Maya or Topaz or many others. There is not much of programming. There are easy to use tools (pick and choose) and technology is getting easier to apply and use day by day. Learn from companies like Pixar and Disney as to how a dream is turned into reality. Hats off to the whole team. You have seen the old movies – how they are. See the movies of today. Look at vibrant colors (new types of cameras), cool and clear sound (thanks to dolby) and the overall synchronization – like an orchestra of Zubin Mehta or Madame Butterfly. Music is beautiful when done solo, duet or an orchestra. Good music is something that makes us dance to its tunes, or makes us sing along or maybe cry. It evokes different heartstrings of our heart. We get emotional. That’s what separates us from machines, you see. Machines are devoid of emotions. It’s a god given gift. In fact everything that we have or will have is God’s gift. So thank God every day as much as you can. Do not look at what you don’t have. Like I’m happy that God has blessed me with a wife, kids and lovely friends and relatives.

You know we are all connected. This beautiful blue earth is holding 7 billion of us and we have to realize that we are all brothers and sisters. There may be problems in the world. But don’t focus on the bad aspect, because there ain’t any. There are just positives in this world. Can God create anything that is negative. So some people ask that such injustice going around in the world – how do you explain that ? Well, change yourself and your change the world. If you think negative, you will attract negative (That is the law of attraction). God simply gifts us what we desire – if it is good, you get good, and if it is bad, then it is good, if you look at those bad things as something that makes you learn. The whole purpose of creation is only one – progress. Period. Progress towards God or perfection or purity. We all have to walk our paths. Some have a struggle some have more or less of it. God is guiding us towards Him/Her every second. Know that knowingly or unknowingly, we are walking towards Him / Her. If times are tough, rest if you must, but don’t you quit.

Sorry, got carried away a bit. Let me come back to the movie. People love stories. The world is made up of stories. So in Alvin and Chipmunks the essence is the adorable chipmunks among loving human beings. The true meaning of love being discovered by Dad/Mom and brotherly love between the Chipmunks and the son of the heroine. Just go and see it. It’s worth the 2 hours watch. A movie that moves at a beautiful pace. A music that keeps playing like the flute, the guitar or the piano. The light (ambience) is very good and a free trip to the beautiful America. Breath-taking scenery and a light and enjoyable movie. The guy who tries to stop Alvin is a bit funny. After a lot of situations Alvin and the Chipmunks find a Dad who they can call as their own. Finally the chipmunks are legally allowed to be sons of the Dad. Thank goodness. My final 2 cents -  Go watch the movie.

God Bless …


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