Monday, December 14, 2015

The song of life

The mother I never knew
While looking at the Ocean
The Ocean …

This is a haiku by Issa, who lost his mother at the tender age of two. Those who are blessed with a mother and father till they grow up should consider themselves lucky. It’s important to get the affection of mother and father, both. Throughout our lives, when times are tough, we need the support of those who love us. This itself is breather. However, we need to get up and solve the problem that we are facing. In life, be it any situation, we do not get problems that cannot be solved by us. The problem may look menacing, but we are equipped to solve it. And then we learn from the problem. We become tougher. While walking, what do you think when you come across a big stone ? Some people wonder who put the stone in front of you. They may even curse the person who did this. Some other people, step over the stone or move it and keep walking, without complaining. This is the difference between a negative and a positive person. Let me repeat this : We are not given a problem without being given the capacity to solve it. It’s all in the attitude. Do you see the problem as something good or bad ?

I recently saw a movie called ‘The good dinosaur’ . In it is the story of a dinosaur called Arlo, who crosses over his fears to become a strong adult. That is also our story. Sometimes we have to let go of our fears, which traps us. The effort to grow beyond one’s self has to come from us only. And if we look deep down below, we are nothing but our parents, ancestors and much more. Live, so that you may love and be loved by others. We can ask God to show us the way and he always does. But walk, we must. The action is ours and we have full right to it, the willingness is also ours. But what happens, is not within our control. Treasure those experiences. To experience the future, we must embrace it fully. Ask yourself this question – ‘Am I willing to risk it’. This means letting yourself be vulnerable to the next moment. Are you experiencing the moment and enjoying it, or are you on the defensive ? Seize the moment – because that’s all you have.

You really don’t have to struggle always. If we are following the rhythm of the Universe, things will begin to unfold in your life. One by one, your dreams will come true. But you have to have the patience to wait. You feel the struggle when you want the Universe to work your way, rather than the other way around. Trust me – It’s much easier to follow God’s plan for us than having our own plans. That is what is called submission to the will of God. This does not mean that we don’t make any plans. We can and we must. But if the plan doesn’t work out as expected, let it not break your heart. Probably God has better plans for you. Don’t sit and grieve. Get on with the next task. Desire is good, but attachment to desire is not good. Do what you love and leave the rest to God. The money, the fame or whatever it is that you crave for, will follow. Don’t try to change the world, change yourself. By that, I mean your attitude towards life.

In programming when we write code, we also write what is called as exception handling – in other words how to handle the errors. Apply the same to your life. Have a Plan B and a Plan C. One of them is sure to take off. But most important, work for work’s sake and do not hanker for the results. Pay full attention to what you do. Because finally speaking, it’s not your words but your actions that matter. If you are energetic and intelligent, you will make a mark in the world. By intelligent, I don’t mean the IQ,EQ or SQ, but simply your attitude towards life. Passion has to be transformed into action and the results are sure to follow. Work hard and smart. There is no such thing as just good times. You will have both good and bad times. The good times are a bonus from God, the bad times are to make you grow. Like Arlo, the dinosaur, we all have to keep growing, till we meet our creator, when this song of life ends. So don’t you muffle the music in yourself. Release it. Unleash it on the world.

To your success …


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