Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy 2012

One more year has gone by, and we anxiously await what’s in store for us in the coming new year. Here’s my wish for you. May all that you have dreamed of become true in the year to come. Let all your uncertainties be laid to rest and let Ganesha bless you with a year full of happiness. May he also clear all your obstacles and make a clear road for you.

I also wish that you climb the ladder of success and find true peace and joy at the pinnacle of your path. For those who have found a soul mate, may you get closer and for those who haven’t may the bells ring for you. May this year also bring you a lot of financial success and let the financial wisdom of the gurus dawn on you in 2012.

All your plans would materialize as you wish and let there always be a smile on your face. Good health and lots of wealth for you in the coming year. May your kids rise up to ranks of glory and in turn make you a happy parent. May you find nature’s abundant blessings on your side, and for the holidays let them all be a bash.

Finally I pray that may God bless you with whatever you desire and let him also show you the way to his heart. Hope that the year would also bring in surprises fully conducive to your dreams. God has already blessed you, and let him be there with you in every celebration of yours. He is there in tough times also, but for you let this be a year full of good times.

May you always rock and roll …

Wishing you a happy 2012.


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