Friday, January 06, 2012

Top ten predictions for 2012

Top ten predictions for 2012

1) No. The world is not going to end on Dec 21, 2012. (The Mayan calendar ends on this date)
2) There is a new level of awakening among people. Consider this trend to increase.
3) As debt levels across the world increase, there will be more focus on austerity.
4) It’s not just Europe or the US, even Asia will be affected a lot if the Euro crumbles.
5) Oil prices to rise on account of unrest in Middle East.
6) Gold is on its way down this year after having a successful rally for the last 11 years.
7) Stocks to become more attractive as the markets will correct up to 25%, if not more.
8) Technology to see a rise in adoption of Cloud Computing, Business Analytics and mobiles/tablets.
9) The rise of Artificial Intelligence will be visible in some of the solutions like speech, backend automation etc.
10) Not a growth year. This is the year of the great correction.

Now that the reading is on the wall, here’s what I have to say. This is the year of planning. Plan out your life in detail, and take action. Include a lot of feel good points also. Be prudent with your finances. Expand on social circles and keep yourself strongly planted onto your career. Get to know yourself better and also start or continue deeply your romance with

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