Saturday, January 28, 2012

Thus we come and thus we go. In memories forever.

Memories are treasures as long as they are positive. Bad ones leave an acidic taste in the mouth when we reminisce them. We should manage our memory stores like we manage our Picture Albums. The good ones are always in the front. As far as others are concerned, we either delete them or file them away into long term memory (the subconscious).

Like we can manipulate a photo album, we should be able to manage our memories. How do we do that? It’s quite simple. Think of the lasting ones which bring you joy, very often. This will ensure that our best memories always pop up when we need them, especially to bolster our mood. You really don’t need an upper or a mood booster to do that.

The other tool we have is good diet. Eat memory enhancers like ginseng, vacha, brahmi, shankapushpi etc. Ginseng is a Chinese herbal supplement while the others are Indian ones. Drink a lot of water. It keeps our brain wet, and we tend to think better and faster. Train your memory every day. Learn to bring the happy ones in the forefront. Think of them as often as you can.

Good memory puts us in a good mood. So think hard about all those nostalgic moments you felt elated and recollect them whenever you can. When faced with a bad memory in the mind, switch to the good ones. We can easily do this. All we need to do is recall the positive ones. Make sure that you don’t drift away into the forbidden territory. Day dreaming about wishes and recollection of good memory, that’s what we need on a recurring basis, to enjoy the abundance called life.

To your great recall ...


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