Wednesday, January 11, 2012

If you build it, they will come

If you build it they will come is a proverbial saying. It’s not entirely true. In today’s world, you require a strong dose of marketing which can wrap up the story. Imagine going to a movie with lots of special effects but no storyline. Chances are you won’t like it. Story telling is an art that needs to be learned by everyone in a movie. A moving storyline is essential for a movie to succeed.

Envisage that you are a great programmer who has written a killer application. Well, unless you tell the world about it, chances are you won’t be found. And all your lines of coding glory can stay put to yourself. But if your content is strong and you do the requisite marketing (maybe word of mouth) you will find yourself noticed. Sitting in one place hoping that people would find you will not work.

While content is for everybody to judge, the marketing can sometimes mangle the meaning of the content. Marketing is selective like statistics. If you tell someone that your bookstore had 100% sales of a particular book, it depends on how many books you had stocked. If it was just 2 books that you sold from your whole inventory, 100% is too low. But look at the marketing message - 100% sales which is misleading.

That is the reason we have to ethically market ourselves. We should never forget the products message as to what it stands for. The same picture maybe in a more crisp way should be presented to the consumers. Good Plot + Ethical Marketing = Success (mostly). There can be competition also. But having 1000 versions of a chess application only confuses the customer. Hence have USP, (Unique Selling Point) always. Not just from the marketing perspective, but the plot too.

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