Friday, December 02, 2011

An angel's whisper

With every mystic morning comes a bunch of surprises waiting to take us to the next level. Some religions say that there are angels who get their counsel from God in the morning before sunrise and they award us with the surprises waiting in store for us. Every morning when I get up, I try to surmise what would be in my list for the day.

The way I look at it, there is a revelation in each of these amazements. We should be consciously on the lookout for the learning’s of the day. For every day ends with a theme for everyone. For some, the highlight is about work and for some romance and for others something else. I wouldn’t even term them as learning’s. They are actually earnings in our account.

A rich man told me that we should accumulate assets in our life. Apparently, these earnings are all assets, if they result in something positive concretely. Those which are open are yet to become assets. Fortunately the day does not bring any liabilities in a holistic sense, if I may. There are no negative learning’s because everything happens for the better.

Be grounded in this attitude. Let me repeat. Everything happens for the best. Maybe it’s been a tiring day for you. But there are still lessons. Before going to sleep, or under a hot evening shower, think of what the day brought for you. Learn the lesson and then be grateful to God that you received this today. Because you really don’t know what’s in your fate for tomorrow and the days to come.

May your guardian angel make true all your wishes for the future.


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