Tuesday, December 20, 2011

You are a love magnet

You were born to love and to be loved. This is the ultimate truth. Do not settle for anything less. This world may seem brutal and hostile. But don’t let the experiences of this world rub off your innocence. You are born immaculate. Let not the world make a dent on your soul. Technically speaking, it can’t. But we mistake our experiences for ourselves.

The lack that you find in others is because you lack the same. Like a sculptor who carves away the unwanted pieces to arrive at a result, you have to let go of your experiences. The thing that you value uppermost should be the experience of love. One good way to achieve this is by giving. You will find a lot of joy in giving. Do not expect anything in return.

When you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and tell yourself that you will find love today. Love for yourself, others and God. Don’t let this world make you laconic. Your soul is your identity and all it wants to experience is the ecstasy of love. Learn to surrender to your beloved, to God and, first things first, to yourself.

Have you heard the John Lennon song ‘Let it be’? Just watch all encounters of the day like an observer who doesn’t judge. Don’t let them affect you. Maintain your tranquility, no matter what you have to face. You are so full of love that if you send it out, the whole world will rejoice and it will be Christmas every day. Nothing else matters.

May you usher in love always …


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