Sunday, April 04, 2010

And God said Let there be Light

And God said let there be light. And there was light.

We are all beings of light. We come from light, we merge back into light. Light does not know darkness. Darkness is nothing but an absence of light. Like a seed we are all born to become a tree which gives its fragrance and fruits to others. The time does not matter, the place doesn't. All that matters is to realize that inside each one of us is planted a seed which has the potential to be a great tree, far mightier than the oak that came out of an acorn, more vast than the big sky, much deeper than the ocean.

It's a pity if we do not realize the power that lies submerged in each one of us. We have two powerful tools with us viz. meditation and prayer. The first one leads to maturity and the second one to infinite joy. A combination of these two can bring solace to the most miserable heart also. Actually meditation is meant to get in touch with the silence within us and prayer is a simple act of gratitude to God who chose to give us this gift of life.

Why do birds sing or trees dance happily in the wind? They do it out of instinct. Whereas we are conscious – we try to follow our own way. How silly … There is a bigger plan taking shape of which we are a part like a rivulet of a river. We set goals and then push ourselves. Does life have any goal? It is nothingness. The moment we realize this, only one phrase comes to mind – Don't be so hard on yourself – Let it be.

I hear everyone say but life is tough. So it is, I agree. But every life with its trials and tribulations is unique as we all are. Try to thank God enough and you will find your life materialize into something more meaningful right in front of your eyes. Do your job however hard it may be, but don't lose perspective. You are one special person who has a lot to give. Rest if you must, but don't give up. Now let me tell you the secret – there is just one thing left for us to do – realize God – not believe – but experience pure consciousness which bubbles inside every heart saying just one thing – Thank You.

Cheers and Happy Easter to all of you,


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