Friday, March 26, 2010

The happy man’s way

The happy man's way -

Ever seen a person full of love for everything that he is surrounded by – He is wise. Follow him.

Did you notice the person who never gets angry – no matter what – He is strong. Learn from him.

One of the richest people on this planet ; but still lives in a rented flat. He is modest. Praise him.

Do you see animals following basic instincts – They follow nature – Observe them.

There are 2 kinds of people in this world – those who have found it and those who have not. The former are situated in full realization of the truth. They know the real from the unreal. All of us are deluded by this maya of the Lord and see the material only. Beyond this very material is an organization. So subtle is the way that it works and so surely it progresses day after day towards the center of creation. So sure is it's splendour slowly approaching us through the meandering paths of life.

And then one day we wake up to the fact that birth and death don't mean anything in this cycle of creation and destruction. We never died or were never born. Only this body that seems to be undergoing these delusionary appearances. Behold! This material energy is just a fraction of the God's infinite wisdom of which we are also a part. We are so bewildered by it, that we feel that this is what the real world is, when actually it isn't.

Be grateful for whatever it is that you have been given, and then ask for more, as much as you want. But even if you don't get it, do not despair. For the Lord of the worlds has other plans for you. And he knows what is best for you. Remember, all it takes to be real is to be situated in this wisdom that you are blessed wherever you are and live it up in the righteous way.

Religions are just guides – finally it is what you experience and how you make use of it. The first one is what your share of life's moods are and the second part is totally in your hands. How you react. Let me tell you the secret – Be an observer Do not judge. Just watch life as it unfolds in front of you. Be always situated in the fact that you are in the cradle the infinite and he is everywhere. There is really nothing to be afraid of and lastly see him in everything. Be it a stone, a flower or a glass of water.

Initially it will be difficult. But as your observation deepens you will find him in the flower that blooms; the leaves that rustle in the wind; the river that whispers words of love and most importantly in people. It won't be 24 by 7 mind you in the beginning. But as this skill of yours goes further your perceptions will take on a new meaning. You will start enjoying life as you realize that it is the greatest gift that has been endowed upon us.

God Bless …

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