Thursday, July 04, 2013

You and Me–We are the same

You and me, we are all connected. Though we seem to be separated by a long distance, what is this in comparison to distances between stars? Apparently we seem to be different. Although you must know that you live in me as I live in you. Have you realized this yet? It’s time. Get up and look afar into the distance till your eyes reach the end. You will realize that there is no end. It’s infinite, like you and me. Yes, it is true. You and me, we are the sparks of the same divine. United we stand beneath, in the face of this duality. There is a little space to fill in this world. That’s why we are here. And after that it will be just like it used to be. In oneness. We will be in the rays of the Sun or the borrowed rays of the moon. Or we may just be a droplet of the rainfall.

Open to bliss. Because this world is divine. Everyone and everything. Even that stone that you see has been created unique. Have you seen the sunrise or the sunset lately? See it and you will know what I mean. Or for that matter stand under a starry sky or a beach from where you can see the vastness of the sea.So get. set. go. What are you waiting for. The life’s greatest gift is right in front of you. Dive deep into it. Enjoy the nectar ‘cause that is why it is there. God is wanting you to do that so that he can feel the providence that he himself created. Through you. Yes your very eyes. your ears and nose and every other sense organ that you have. God perceives them through you. You are just a treasurer.

Well, if you are caught up in life’s rush, don’t be. Take some time out to enjoy the divine gifts that God has bestowed on us. Paying bills – well, all of us have to work towards that. But take out just 15 minutes from a day to enjoy the unity. And you will feel different. I guarantee you. See yourself in everything and everyone. And others and other things in you. Here’s a simple way to start. Hold your thoughts and watch for the next thought (close your eyes) and don’t criticize or feel anything when the thought appears. Let it be (like John Lennon says) and just watch the parade of thoughts in our crazy mind. Hold still and imagine yourself where you want to be. Realize him. He is all there is. Rest is all temporary, including this life.

If you observe closely, this is all a play. Like why do kids play ? The obvious answer is because it makes them happy. And the whole sequence of events that happen in a day, is all God’s divine play. Some live. Some die. Some make a killing. Some go bankrupt. All these things are bound to happen. Maybe you are in the limelight at times. Accept them as they come and face them with full courage. If you are feeling nervous take two deep breaths. You will feel better. Life is something that we can’t run away from. Agreed, that everyone has his own struggles, but apart from that, is there anything else? Yes. And that is your duty to yourself. Keep yourself happy. Connect with the force. By that I mean God. Remember he runs the show, you are just a caretaker. So take life one step at a time, one friend a day and a sip of hot coffee in the noon. Don’t cling to your problems. Don’t be a whiner. Take them as they come. Because the good Lord is everywhere and he is by your side. You will definitely get what you want. Persevere a little while more.

Wishing you - your dreams,

Always …


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