Sunday, June 23, 2013

Krishna–Who is he and what is his message ?

Krishna is God incarnation in full. He is a very mysterious personality encompassing everything a man should be. He accepts life as it is and lives with the times. Different people have different views about Krishna. But he is indefinable. You cannot chain his personality in a string of words. Krishna seems to accept the apparent contradictions of life in a very demure manner. Krishna embraces life as it is and lives in the present. He does not make any plans and faces life as it comes. He is a naughty kid ; a romantic lover; a tactful advisor and a valuable mentor. There are many aspects to this multi-faceted personality. But he fulfills all of them completely. To this date, this mystic seems to be unexplored, because he is so full of life that life itself seems like a breeze to be lived and loved in full.

Krishna’s childhood is filled with stories of an active kid who steals butter, breaks the earthen clays of maidens and hides their clothes when they are having a bath. He also defeats monsters like Kaaliya, the snake and holds the Govardhan mountain on his little finger in time of torrential rains. He plays his flute which captivates everybody. He dances with maidens who all seek to get his attention, and plays ras-leela with them.He seems to know the mantra for attracting women. After all these youthful encounters, he takes up a role of a ministerial/royal nature, without any fuss. Whatever he does, seems to come so naturally to him, that  you wonder how a person can be so unruffled in times of  change.

Perhaps the most talked about Krishna is what he exhorts in the Bhagwad Geeta. Some people think that he supports war, when the fact of the matter is, sometimes war is inevitable. Especially when there is so much evil in humanity, sometimes even a righteous war is called for. He never says that we should go to war. But if that is the only solution, so be it. He suitably inspires Arjuna to do his duty. Duty is of paramount importance here. Duty, well done, reaps rewards. Duty, badly done, brings disgrace. In fact we should all act according to our duties. If you are a athlete, run like no one ever can. If you area carpenter, saw as much as you can. If you are a singer, sing from the bottom of your heart. There is nothing more important. This seems to be Krishna’s top most message.

He also mentions about the soul which is birth less and deathless. Nobody dies or is born. Because we are not our bodies but the infallible soul. Thus, we are all divine sparks of the same God that pervades everywhere.  Our journey on Earth is towards perfection i.e. God. We are known by our karma and not the family in which we are born. All names and forms are nothing but tags. What matters is what we accomplish on this planet and leave behind as a legacy. All have different paths but in the end the target is the same. Perfection. Krishna also maintains that happiness and sorrow come and go. They are two sides of the same coin. We should not get ruffled by them. And should accept them both with countenance and grace.

Krishna, if he were alive today, would live according to the times now. But his essential message would be the same. Go, do your job.

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