Sunday, June 16, 2013

Feeling good always …

Today I’m going to share with you the key secret of feeling good always. Number one. Accept yourself the way you are. This means being cognizant of your strengths and weaknesses and accepting them fully without any guilt. Let go off the past. Don’t let it interfere with your present. Develop your strengths and rectify your weaknesses. Do it one step at a time. There is no hurry. As you progress in this task you will feel more happy and complete. If you have done something wrong in the past, ask God for forgiveness and move on. Don’t let that pester you. Everyone makes mistakes. They are the stepping stones of learning. Learn, you must and make sure that you don’t repeat it.

Number two. Accept the world and its people as they are. You may be thinking that nobody knows your story and some people are behaving rather strange. Now, here’s news. Everyone has their own scripts and they are behaving as per that. You cannot change that. But one thing you can do. You can change yourself. You see in life no two people are the same. Even twins just look alike, but they are different. Accept the diversity of life and learn to live with contradictions. Everything is God given and hence divine. Do you know that the stone also has life? It’s just vibrating at a different frequency, hence you don’t see it. People are the highest evolution of the soul and they all have their own truths to find. Everyone’s journey is different. So respect that.

Number three. Spend time in the present. There is no point thinking about the past or the future. One has happened and the other is to happen. Both are fictitious. What matters is how you spend the time right now. Do spend time in the past to reevaluate and the future for your plans. But restrict that to say the day when you have a lot of time to spare. But too much dilly-dallying into the past and present will prove detrimental. Hence be living in the ‘Now’. Be fully alert. Enjoy the rain, that chirp of the sparrow, that smell of the coffee and the traffic in the rush hour. Just observe. Do not judge. They are all very interesting. Try to give some time to silence. Be silent for half an hour at least in a day.

Number four. Be optimistic. Scores has been written about the benefit of positive thinking. I can’t just reemphasize how beneficial it is. Look at the bright side of life always. If you listen to news, you might have noticed that there are several negative things that are aired. If you can do something about it, go do it. Else just leave it to God. He is watching everything. Not a single blade of grass moves without his permission. There are many things we do not understand as to why they happen. Going forward, trust that the dots will connect and you will get your answer. Have this faith and move on. Do not be stuck, as you know the rolling stone never gathers moss. Have a positive attitude and you will soon attract everything positive in your life.

With all my heart,


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