Sunday, June 09, 2013

Dancing in the rains

It’s raining outside and the trees are dancing with joy, not to mention the kids who like to drench themselves. No Sun. But the feeling of joy everywhere. We stay at home and sip a hot cup of tea watching the rain fall all over the place. What a pleasure. The rain also optimizes the temperature around. It’s not hot anymore, neither cold. When I was a kid, I used to believe that rains are God’s tears. What a silly idea? Rains actually are Godsend gift from heaven that sustains the plants and animals. Especially the plants. When I look at the trees outside, it’s as if they are mesmerized by the rains. All standing out tall and beckoning the rain as if it were their hubbies. How romantic?

I wonder about desert places where it hardly rains. How do they manage to be so single? Wallowing in the heat of the Sun. I went outside today and got drenched. Initially my first reaction was to avoid the rain, which was falling mercilessly. But the more the rain touched my body, the more I felt better. Mustering enough strength, I let go of myself and actually enjoyed it. It’s like a shower except that, it is in the open and all showers are good. Makes you feel rejuvenated. Now as I sit here typing this on my blog editor, I can see the rain falling, the pace has decelerated, but the intentions are the same. To make me feel special. And I do. Truly I do …

If you long to smell the best perfume that is out there, do not look any farther. The first rain which emanates a scent of the Earth is what it is. I never knew that the Earth could have its own smell. But it does. And its so sweet. Unique. I remember having trekked a mountain in the rains. All sorts of insects like the earthworm and scorpions come out. Even the flies. I distinctly remember the taste of a mountain spring. So cool and so clear. Sparkling like wine. It is nothing but rainwater burrowing its way deep down into the Earth’s recesses and coming out as springs. Some water companies claim to collect water from such springs. How far it is true, I don’t know.

The other thing about rains. Kids waiting for their school buses. In umbrellas and overcoats. Parents trying to restrict these little ones not to get wet in the rain. And when a vehicle passes near by, it splashes the water on the bystanders. Some cursing away the person who was driving the car so fast. Water is just like kids. Can’t live without them. And flowing water. Have you ever heard a stream whizz by? I’m sure you have. Paid any attention to the drizzling sound. Euphoric, isn’t it? And waterfalls. I have been to some and love standing at the place where the water falls with a thud. I sometimes wonder – Why has God been so good to us? Perhaps we have done something good in our past lives.

Enjoy the rains.


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