Monday, January 21, 2013

The past and the present

What is the past, but a bunch of memories? Can we revisit the past and feel the same that we felt then? We do feel the past, but not with the same intensity that it was when we experienced it. Some of them forgotten and some that keep replaying in our minds. Everyone says that it is only this moment that matters. But what constitutes this present which is on its way of becoming the past?

The answer is time. We feel that time moves. Because, there is the past which we have and an unseen future ahead. The present is nothing but the feeling associated with it. When we involve ourselves deeply into anything we don’t feel the passage of time. And that makes us feel good. Now what is important is the action that makes us feel good.

We need to be able to list all the actions that make us feel good. Substitute one of these actions when we feel bad. And that is the trick. As long as we can constantly do this, we can remain in a good mood always. How do you classify action that is good? The answer is as long as they are congruent with the universal truths which have been extolled in scriptures and other scholarly books, they are.

The present can be well lived if we learn from the past. That is all that the past is useful for. Learn from it and then throw it away. Easier said than done. But the more we live in the present, the more we learn to live well. The past should not be a hindrance in our day to day activities. There is no point over-analyzing the past. Learn the lessons and welcome the present.



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