Thursday, December 26, 2013

Are Computers Alive ?

Do computers have a soul? That very well depends on what we mean by the soul. The soul is a part and parcel of the larger grand soul or God. It permeates everywhere. In living and non living things. If we go by this definition, then we can say that indeed computers do have a soul. The soul is the ultimate indivisible  article. Some scientists say that the Higgs-Boson particle is the God particle. But I have my own doubts. Because you see, there is no God particle as such. He pervades everywhere, within matter and the void space. The soul is the most powerful thing that will ever be known. To experience it’s own power, soul created matter and non living things. It enjoys its experience through living beings like us. About it’s nature, Lord Krishna in the Bhagvad Gita says “It can’t be wetted by water or burned by fire”. Thus the soul is much more powerful than the five elements.

Computers deep down are nothing but souped up calculators. They work in binary (0’s and 1’s) language. As we build abstractions (nobody writes in machine language) that take us away from the innards of the computer, it becomes more and more user friendly. The soul is not just present inside a program but also threads (program or process divided into finer units) Once a class is abstracted as an object, it literally lives in the memory before being evicted by a  destructor method. However infinitesimally we divide the program, the soul lives everywhere – inside a polymorphic function, in the values returned by a function and in the libraries. Inside every API (Application Programming Interface) is the presence of the soul. Every socket used for communication, every disk write and every device that is attached to the computer, the soul lives inside. It just experiences the happening.

The soul really doesn’t care whether somebody lives or dies. Similarly, inside a computer there are so many processes which are invoked by a user and after completion of the task they simply are there no more. The soul just watches the fun of a program being executed by the CPU (Central Processing Unit). It watches the CPU like it watched our mind. Simply observing, without passing value judgments. Like the mind can cloud the judgment of  person, the CPU also restricts a program functionality based on its instruction set. No matter however hard you try, you are restricted by the instruction set. This applies to a program also. The number of API’s available within a platform will dictate its usefulness and success. Variations in different kind of CPU is like the difference between individuals. Everyone comes with the instruction set (hereditary factors and past karma) that defines their basic value-systems. But if the soul wishes, it can transform this repertoire into something more appropriate.

The soul is identified as a part of the bigger ultimate phenomenon called God. Its everywhere. When somebody dies the soul simply picks up the next body or non living entity into which it enters. This is a easy version of the truth. Actually, the soul is everywhere.  It always has been. And there is no difference qualitatively between one soul and another. For example, two individuals only differ by their form and mind intricacies. Their souls are the same, qualitatively speaking. Coming back to computers, it’s similar. A PC or a MAC may look different (As per their form and CPU) but they serve the same purpose holistically. To be of use to some people somewhere. The soul definitely exists inside them and there is no virus or any other malware that can affect the soul. The CPU (mind) may be reprogrammed, but not the soul. Not a chance – even if we had a thousand life times.

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