Friday, December 13, 2013

Your inner call – dissecting your brain

Within your mind is infinite possibilities all laid down for you to seize and manifest them. You see, your brain consists of three parts viz. the conscious, the subconscious and the unconscious. All these work in a sequence. When you are awake, the conscious part of the brain receives stimuli from the external world. Some of them get filtered into the subconscious. Others are rejected by your conscious. The stimulus can be visual, audio, olfactory or simply touch. You associate particular meanings to them and your emotions react to these thoughts. From the loudest noise to the faintest whisper, your brain records the thoughts that are associated with them. A thought is nothing but a memory trace recorded as a pattern of neurons. The entire brain keeps changing, depending on day to day stimulus and the thoughts that we think as a result. Newer neural pathways and updates to the old one are happening every second.

The conscious part of the brain is the gatekeeper. It allows thoughts to enter the subconscious selectively. When you are in the awake mode your brain waves are vibrating at higher frequency called ‘beta’.The lower frequencies are ‘alpha’, ‘theta’ and ‘delta’. As you go to lower frequencies you start becoming calmer. In ‘Beta’ mode, your brain makes a lot of noise. Unwanted thoughts keep coming in and your filtering mechanisms may fail. As you go into the lower frequencies, you start thinking better. To know how the brain operates in the ‘Beta’ mode, stay still when you are awake. Just watch the train of thoughts that you generate every minute. do not judge the thoughts. Just watch them pass. Now stay in the moment by thinking of nothing – I mean put a cessation to the unlicensed thoughts entering your brain. Just be. And you will suddenly find a peace dawning on you. The conscious has to be controlled, else it can make the whole experience of life messy.

Your subconscious is the next part of the brain. It contains your experiences, beliefs and value system. The subconscious receives command from the conscious. It just stores all the impressions of thoughts and other things you have picked up while you were growing up. It does not judge thoughts. Hence it’s very easy for negative thoughts (gremlins) also to get in and stay put. When you are hypnotized, what the doctor just did was bypassing your conscious and directly commanding your subconscious. You can be made to do anything. The subconscious if imprinted with the right positive mental attitude can give rise to a powerful personality. You hear about manifesting our dreams. It’s nothing but carving a groove of this dream into your subconscious. The subconscious is your mental make up. When you listen to somebody, you may agree or disagree depending on the imprint of your subconscious. Thus it is a very powerful part of the brain.

The unconscious or the God part of the brain connects deeper with the universe. This is where God talks back to us. Both the conscious and the subconscious have access to it. However, in normal waking states, it’s difficult to access it. It’s a treasure-trove. Our intuition comes from this part of the brain. And intuitions are very powerful. If we live by them, our whole life takes up a very meaningful approach to life. As you know that most people get to where the are by trial and error, because they don’t listen to that inner voice. Well, that is God’s voice inside our head. Our own intuition. Some people say that the past lives information is also stored here. Some debate it to be in the subconscious. Let it be anyways, but remember that the voice inside your head (not delusionary) – the real voice is the universe signaling you to spur into action. Act on it. And you will find things falling in place again.



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