Sunday, December 01, 2013

Be blessed

You are blessed. We all are. Think of this moment as a gift from God. When you wake up in the morning, the first ray of light that enters the eyes. Then the sound and the smell start entering our senses. Are we not all fortunate to witness this very moment? Take a moment to look at the sky, the clouds and the azure color of the sky. Never has this moment ever been or never it will be. It just is. We are so fortunate to witness all this. But we are so caught in the hum-drum of life, instead of looking at the rainbow, we curse that it is raining. Instead of feeling gratitude, we are so occupied by the thoughts that vibrate in our mind. And the morning madness sweeps the beauty away. We check the weather but don’t enjoy it really. Don’t you see that every moment is unique. every single moment that we live is because of God’s grace and we must rightfully hank him for that.

Faster and faster. That seems to sum up the essence of modern life. We are so anxious that we keep pressing the close button of the lift although we know that it will close in a jiffy. Type ‘A’ personalities. Just have to get there. Ready, Aim and Shoot. Can’t wait to do that. We also have computers which are very efficient. So much so that we depend on them for almost everything. Life as such has become so complex and we are caught right in the midst of it. Even if were to take a break and go see nature, will we be able to enjoy it? I doubt. So many things  happening, we hardly get time to reflect. Not even whether our scripts are leaning against the right wall. The more we beget success, the more we want it. Nothing wrong. But it helps sometimes to think if this is the life that we really want. Ask yourself those questions. Sometimes we have to come out of our comfort zones and re-evaluate.

Besides the usual ‘I want more money’, ‘I want to succeed’ and all the wishes, we have to understand that we are spiritual beings first and then the bodies. This life is a journey towards God. One term for the super-natural is perfection. We are perfecting ourselves birth after birth and going towards the supreme, every single moment. Whether consciously or not, we are inching towards God. It’s a long journey, but make sure that you enjoy every bit of it. Every one of us carries a baggage of old karmas and the beliefs and thoughts. When these are neutralized, we are there. At his doorsteps. And when we embrace God, the journey is over. But to get there is a story of perseverance and perfection. The Buddha did it. So did Jesus. And they have said that the task may be difficult, but not impossible. We have to keep this in mind and proceed on our rendezvous. Remember, enjoy the journey.

The shortcut to this journey has already been invented by man. Yes, computers. They are accurate, fast and efficient. We can use them as a tool to speed up the journey that we have embarked upon. And by that I mean the journey towards God. Computers help us save a lot of time, because they are incredibly fast. It is the God’s spark within man which has made computers possible. And in our ultimate journey they can help us. There is no doubt about that. Give thanks to God for having made this possible. Thank him from the bottommost part of your heart and you will receive his immense love, which unfortunately you don’t seem to recognize in our daily schedule. Gratitude to God is like the cake whose icing is life, although some people may think otherwise. You have plenty of reasons to thank God. But he is modest enough and does not ask for it. I urge you to feel all that good that has happened to you and thank God for his support and well wishes, every single day.

Be blessed.


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