Monday, November 25, 2013

How to protect your reputation

Like a leaf fallen from a tree, can never return back as a leaf of the tree, the words that we speak are also like the arrow that left a bow and can never come back. Hence choose your words carefully. Be lavish with praises and frugal in criticisms. Don’t take your emotions everywhere. Keep them under control. Or else you may say or do something that may prove detrimental. The future is unknown, but the past is present as an open book for all to read. Entire history of your past is recorded in a timeline fashion in the modern contraptions. Thus you are quite exposed to the world, although you may think you are not. Hence you have to be that extra careful. Your comments on various websites, your identity on some and in general, your activities on all social network together make up your persona. It’s available for everyone to read and assimilate. Besides these, those documents that you created for a company, your plans and schedules in your company computers have a chance of being hacked and exposed.

Similarly, all your actions cannot be rolled back. You may have an alibi, but it does not negate the action. Hence, do not do anything distasteful. Do not resort to actions when you are feeling angry as you may regret the same. The best thing to do in any situation is to stay calm, no matter what. And it’s not just you. Others may write about you or say something to malign you. Your reactions to events are something that you have to control. If you find that somebody has flamed you in any way, do not react in a fit of rage. Know that your actions and reactions can cause grave damage to your reputation, if you travel on the wrong side of the road. Everyday we are confronted with situations, which thwart us towards some actions. And we cannot avoid them. The best we can do is be level-headed and act out in such a way that does not cause any harm. It’s like a CCTV is always watching you.

You may think I’m paranoid. No. I have heard  so many tales of people who have been affected by various inconveniences. For example there are many people who write about the products and services that you sell. The people who write negative reviews about your work will do so if you haven’t done your part. Then there are some eternal pessimists also. These people always crib on the websites. Remember not to flame them in return. You could really ask them what went wrong and what you are doing about it. Please assess the facts and mention the fact-filled details to a negative rant. This is the best you can. But remember, most of the people will go ahead and post an affirmative, if you have satisfied them. Always endure to satisfy your customer and be in their good books. The bad atmosphere has been created by some pranksters who have duped people. Unfortunately it has started affecting the genuine people also.

Another thing to do when you are online, is to surf anonymously. This ensures that your machines do not get cookies from different websites that track your activity. Do not click links without thinking. There are many sites which install backdoor viruses into your machine. Do not five away your email addresses and fill forms without being careful. Some of these sites sell this information to third parties without your permission. When you comment on a website  be precise and meaningful. If you are irked with a product or a service, mention the facts. Do not extrapolate. Never get into an argument. Whenever you are on chat or a social website, be sure that they are recording every single character that you type. The list goes on and on. But my last tip to you would be stay positive always. Take full responsibility of your actions. Send positive vibrations out and you will get them back in return.

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