Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Tech Predictions - 2014

Welcome to 2014! Here are my technology predictions for this year:

  1. Cloud computing will take off. Hybrid clouds to be in vogue. More people will embrace cloud as they realize the hidden potential and value in them. The IaaS scene will be invaded by Telecom providers and vendors like Amazon, Microsoft and Google will move to PaaS. The migration won’t be completed in 2014 although this year the initiation is bound to happen.
  2. Big Data (Hadoop and SQL Hadoop) will emerge as a mainstream tool for analyzing thousands of records and identify the pin in the haystack. Big Data by itself is not useful, but when coupled with analytics will be a force to contend with. BigData will mostly be used with NoSQL repositories.
  3. Mobile and BYOD to double this year. As companies try to tackle the management challenges when facing security issues, they would increase number of helpdesk personnel to manage the same. Independent vendors can note the need of automated programs for this space. Right now there are not many players.
  4. Wearable computing to see new entrants competing with the likes of Google and Samsung and would come out with innovative products. Like Google Glass and Samsung Gear, there will be new entrants especially in healthcare.
  5. Intranets to get a major facelift in terms of new interface and integration. Sharepoint and web based intranets to excel. Company core data will be transformed for consumption on the intranet. Integration with all other value adding applications is imminent.
  6. Ecommerce to become more verticalised. Many vendors would emerge as specialty vendors selling more than their wares. Ecommerce companies will partner with each other to fill in the gaps and there will be some consolidation in this space. Sales will rocket - 150% is my guess.
  7. Laptops and Notebooks to make a comeback. They were really never going to be replaced with Tablets. Tablets are complimentary. PC sales would increase compared to the dismal figures of 2013. Revival of office computing, as more take on to Tablets after office hours.
  8. Internet of things (Sensors etc) will start seeing more software vendors which offer a variety of programs to monitor the same. This will pave the way for Big Data revolution. Although sound analytics will be required to make decisions based on the Internet of things. The whole earth will become one big interconnected place.
  9. Security will be a major concern among management. As hackers get more sophisticated, there will be newer tools besides antivirus which can deal with different attack vectors. Malware in all its forms will be tackled and sites would become more secure. The ghost of NSA would still lurk in the minds of people.
  10. New super chips to make appearance. For example Graphene based chips, although I doubt if production of such chips would start in 2014. Chips with more cores and GPU capability to invade the scene. Low power chips and SSDD to become more prevalent.

That’s my list for this year.

Happy 2014 to all of you.

Many Thanks.


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