Sunday, January 19, 2014

Progress is the only aim of life

Is life a big riddle? I don’t think so. The only purpose of life is progress – to evolve. In all ways. When you see around, there are some people who are more evolved than others. You can make out that. By evolution, I don’t mean a person who has more knowledge or money. But wisdom. Knowledge applied and absorbed. A person who is more spiritually evolved than others is simply so, because of his/her actions. Actions which leads towards freedom, emancipation and wisdom. In the great epic, the Bhagwad Gita, Lord Krishna mentions of three ways in which a person progresses towards God realization. They are : through your actions (karma), through knowledge (jnana) and through prayer (bhakti). All these roads lead to the same point, which is God. And when I say progress in life, it’s towards achieving God realization. We have to remove our weaknesses and amplify our strengths. As we move towards perfection (God), we move one step towards liberation.

Liberation from what? To dissolve our cycle of repeated births and deaths. Once we get to that purely refined state we eliminate rebirth. We become one with God. Till then we have to keep on learning. And take births till our evolution is complete. There have been many wise people in the history of Earth who have achieved this goal. And they have passed on the knowledge down the generations. Different religions prescribe different ways. But all point towards one ultimate truth, which is God. There have been prophets throughout history who have brought the message of God. In fact Lord Krishna says that, when evil proliferates, he takes birth in human form to eradicate it. In his next avatar, he will be half man and half machine (Kalki) Evil is a minority phenomenon. It really doesn’t really exist, because one who is evil is actually at the lower scale of human evolution.

But there have been people in the history who were murderers, but with a change of heart, went on to realize God. Hence, you really don’t have to wait for many births. You can do it in this lifetime. It’s entirely up to you. All it take is courage and wisdom. Daily add new learning's to your internal database. Learn, Reflect and Act. Thus daily you will add on to yourself. You have to make progress step by step and work towards perfection. If you do this diligently, one day you will become a refined soul like the great ones. Remember to share your wisdom with others. From normal to Godliness. That is the only aim. Keep on keeping on. Listen to that inner voice of yours which will guide you in the right direction. Never go against your conscience. Be good. Do good, And all that you do will automatically come back to you. If it doesn’t, persevere. It will, one day.

Even if you don’t consciously progress, you will, without your knowledge. Look around you. There is progress everywhere. For example, in technology. Imagine what you were using ten years ago and what you are using today. The chips inside the computers are becoming more and more powerful, giving them astonishing capabilities. Computers will assist us in our spiritual evolution. Already they help us to b more efficent and accurate. They will help us with insights, sing analytics. Such insights can be classified as a type of wisdom. With the advent of Big Data and associated analytics, Computers are embracing a whole range of new inputs and collating it to give us the information that we seek. Technology today is all-pervasive. And very soon you will find them giving us sermons in the church instead of a priest or calling the people for their daily prayers and soon assist everyone with whatever it is that the are after. Shortcut to evolution.

Plenty of it coming everyone’s way …


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