Monday, February 10, 2014

Once you have dreamed it, go right after it !

Do you have regrets? Of how things could have been? Everyone in this world has the same story. Looking back, there are things which bother us because of the way it worked out. You swear to yourself that next time it would be different. Well, that’s it. You have learned your lesson. Now let it go. Do not keep reminiscing unpleasant situations. Because they put you in a ‘down’ mood. Always be in a jovial positive mood. Those things which bother you from the past are just time guzzlers and will impact the way you work today. No matter how bad it would have been, take my advice, let it go. Forgive yourself first before forgiving others. Most of the people do not achieve the pinnacle of success, because the fear of failure keeps haunting them. Are you one of them? Tell me any one person who has not failed before he hit the news. We all do. So accept failure as a lesson and try not to repeat it.

Think of failure as a motivator than something that puts you off. If you don’t succeed at first, try again. And then again and again, till you reach the goal. Failure should make you a better person if you learned some lessons from it. Thomas Edison, Michael Jordan and all other great personalities have failed many times before they hit the ‘A-ha’ moment. So do not be afraid to fail. Have you heard of that saying that a soldier who gets up when wounded, to fight, falls again, but gets up again, is the real soldier. In one word, perseverance. Keep trying. If plan A doesn’t work out, try plan B. But before you proceed, understand why the earlier plan did not work. Maybe the plan was not well thought of. Or maybe the market research was faulty. Whatever it be, identify it, so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes again. Come what may, there is only one option viz. success.

Most of the innovations do not happen in surroundings of plenty. They are born in adverse circumstances. So you may have your challenges, but you have to find a way out. First and the most important – Believe in yourself. You are God’s spark. You are destined to do great things. Mundane things are for people who believe in status-quo. You are born gifted with certain talent. Identify that calling within you and go right after it. Do not even pay heed to nay-sayers. Those who are truly on your side will spur you on. If you have come across some of your short comings, try to eliminate them or better yet outsource the part that you are not good at. This is pure startup advice. For those in jobs, you can hire the talent like say accounting, law at a fees. Pretty much like outsourcing. When you wake up in the morning, there should be a rush of energy that tells you of things that remain as errands on your to-do list of the day.

Do not be blind. Always sit back and analyze your actions. I suggest when you are taking the shower or simply before sleep. Run the day through you and analyze what actions went well and what went wrong. IF your day is about to start, visualize, what you are going to do. I use an organizer which I fire up every morning to record the tasks and events. (new as well as pending) Remember the Bible saying, Knock and it shall be opened for you. All you got to do is put in the work. Some people think that simply asking the Universe will bring it to them. Well, you have to factor in the work required to make it come true. If your intent is true and your work perfect, there is nothing in this world that can stop you from achieving what you want. It’s a magical world and we are all magical beings (spirits trapped inside a human body). The spirit is limitless and that’s what we all are. Without beginning or end. Life is just a fun ride. So enjoy that as long as it lasts.

To your dreams …


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