Monday, March 03, 2014

The power of will

One thing that we definitely need in life is Focus. Imagine if we were to attend to all the thoughts that cross our mind, we would go crazy. Our focus determines our future path. If our focus is not clear, we need to take steps to reinstate it. Remember the good old saying “Focus on what you are good at”. That is a golden maxim. We are all born with so many talents, we just need to spend time on what we are good at. That itself will last a long time. Now what about things we are not good at ? We have to keep improving on them. But will we get sufficient time to focus on both. I don’t know. Maybe yes or maybe not.

In our lifetime, we worry about so many unnecessary things. The focus gets scattered if we do that. I cannot tell you what to focus on, except that if it’s good go for it. But what may seem good to you may not be the same for another person. So go by your gut feel. It’s right. You may tend to lose focus, if you simply let your mind decide everything. By that I mean your Ego. That too, the selfish Ego. Learn to listen to nature. You will soon discover the pleasantness that comes along with it, which helps us focus. Some people are able to focus better than others.

But in the end, we all require it. To succeed. What we focus upon becomes true. I mean it manifests. What we spend more time upon, is surely the thing that will blossom. You know the magnifying glass when held in sunlight, can burn a piece of paper. Now, that is cutting edge focus. If we are able to concentrate our focus to such an extent, it can prove to be beneficial for us. Focus has depth. In fact it is depth. The work that we do is a result of our focus on the subject. If we have really done our job with focus, it will turn out to be exceptional. Nothing short.

Focus brings confidence along with it. It also aids in better recall. Because what we focus on gets imprinted in our memories and hence we are able to recollect it better. Focus on what you need out of life, and then go get it. Another synonym for focus is concentration. The more, the better. Say goodbye to distractions. Focus on your work now. And soon you will realize that what seems to be an effort, will come naturally to you. And then you will be in the flow of things. Quite naturally. As focus becomes a habit for you, the truth will begin to emerge from the veil that seems to cover it.

To your success,


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