Friday, March 07, 2014

Never lose your hope

No matter what your present looks like or no matter if your past has been traumatic, keep in mind that you have to be hopeful. Of a better tomorrow, a better world. Keep your hope high. Never give in to  those negative thoughts that haunt you everyday. They make you cynical. I know it’s very difficult to stay positive always. But try hard, one day you will make it. To the top. And there is no stopping you. The only thing that lies between you and your dream is the effort. So work hard and stay focussed. You will reach your destination soon.

You have to actually enjoy the journey, although you are focussed towards your goal. Keep your hopes high, and only think positive. The name of the game is to avoid distractions which put you in a negative spiral. Think of your positive moments. Every day you wake up, think of your greatest achievement and keep savouring it throughout the day. At the end of the day, consciously review what thoughts did you think in the day. How much of them are cornering on hope.

Hope is the light that guides us always. It eggs us on. The light at the end of the tunnel is what you should be viewing. There are many people who have faced challenges in life, but never gave up. Because they know that one day they will make it. Humour can be a very useful tool to put us in a good mood. Use it prudently. Another thing that can put us in a positive frame is walking. Along with nature. It helps us stay calm and focussed. Try whatever puts you in a good mood.

Once again, let me tell you –> Never give up.The lives of great men are examples that we can emulate. They were also made of the same stuff that we are. Hence, I don’t see a plausible reason why we can’t make it. Time is going forward. It never comes back. So bury your past, focus on the future and live in the present. Be happy always and make somebody smile everyday. Keep improving, and never ever give up the hope for your dream. It’s just at the end of the block.

Keep Walking …


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