Friday, March 21, 2014

Who am I ?

Has this question bothered you many times? Since eons, man has been trying to find a satisfactory answer to this question. Some people associate this question with the most straight forward solution of a name. Yes. Their own name. That is quite simple. The point to observe is that the name is something we get baptized mostly by our family. Do we really respond to a name when we are say 3 months old? As we grow up we associate ourselves with our name. And them it becomes a primary part of our ego. When people start calling our names, we actually feel good. We also to a lot of extent rationalize our name’s existence when others address us by the same.

But this is just the beginning, or the tip of the iceberg. Beyond that brain identification of name, lies a subtle identity of who we are. We are actually souls trapped within a body with brain. A spiritual being, if I may. Actually, we are all God’s children and part and parcel of the infinite spark. Thus, this makes us beings with infinite potential. We can dream of anything and make it come true. As Richard Bach says “You are not given a dream, without being given the power to make it come true.” Or as Aerosmith sings “Dream on. Dream on, till your dreams come true.”

The Ego identification of the name is very powerful. So powerful that it can drown all other emotions and beliefs that we may have. To override beliefs, the Ego really has to be strong. All thoughts are filtered by the Ego, before it reaches the subconscious. Hence we may not be seeing the reality as it is. The Ego is a master mind bender and can edit the gut feel thoughts also. The Ego works in the beta scale, while the mind can work on lower vibrations like delta,theta and alpha. The Ego is so strong that some of these mental states induce can also contain remnants of it. It just doesn’t disappear, because if it were to, we would be brain dead.

A world of opportunity exists in the realm of the divine and this can only be achieved by silencing the Ego. So how do we really bypass the Ego. There are many ways. One of them is Meditation. Another one is Holosync. And the list goes on. The idea is to put ourselves in a lower vibrational state, so that we can feel the power of the silence. It’s in the gap that God exists. 99.99% of the universe is made of space. Did you know that? And this space or the infinite silence is where we come from and to where we will go after our death. so don’t be identified by a simple name. We are all much more than that and are divine beings meant to enjoy bliss.

Forever …


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