Saturday, April 12, 2014

Talent, Attitude and Execution

We all want to succeed in life. It all depends on what we mean by success. For somebody success is making a million dollars. For somebody else, it’s how famous you are. Some people think that being appreciated in the office is a mark of success. Thus the definition varies from person to person. For me success is the ability of tuning with God’s progress. That means being in sync with nature’s flow. You see there are three things needed for success in the real world.  They are talent, attitude and execution. If these three are complimenting each other, one achieves a lot of success in the worldly sense. So let’s explore each one of them.

First comes talent. You see, God has gifted all of us with a lot of latent talent. Some of them manifest in our lives, and some go unnoticed. Someone is a good singer, somebody else is a good artist and maybe we have some people who are good at channelizing their emotions. All different types of talents exist in this multi-faceted world. For talented people, one thing is common. They have all realized that they are talented.  And this realization is the first step. Once we realize our talent we have to sharpen it. Like the saw that needs a sharpening every now and then. So does talent. Once it is sharpened and perfected, it becomes a master script for that person. Remember to develop it.

Second comes  attitude. Many a people, have open and closed attitudes. Open people are flexible to ideas and are willing to change. Closed people are not very receptive to new ideas. It’s like the difference between introverts an extroverts, although not always. Some people  have deep set beliefs which make them extra hard. They are not willing to change. It’s better to be an optimist  than a pessimist. An optimist always carries a positive attitude and is available for new ideas. Plus he/she is willing to change. For succeeding in life, this is a must have qualification. Because in life things don’t happen the way we want always. Hence we must have the courage to change if required.          

The third attribute that a successful person has is efficiency in execution. If you notice this is the last and most important step. Some people really execute well. Some people don’t seem to live up to their act. It varies. The idea is to be professional in work that we do to such an extent that people notice that you are a dependable person. Fanatic Support, like Rackspace calls it’s webhosting. Attitude does make a difference. But most important is execution. The style and panache that we add to everyday work. People who finish with finesse, finish first and are remembered by all. Some top management people like CEO’s sometimes are so far away from their front desk (customer facing) that they develop error-prone strategies. Always dirty your hands and then execute, with all your passion. You will succeed.

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