Sunday, May 04, 2014

How to get rid of those contradictions

In the world that we live, we come across a lot of contradictions. For example some health experts say that we should have three square meals a day. Some say we have to munch every hour. Similarly, in management, some say that one model is better over others. There are so many of these contradictions in life that sometimes we get confused and don’t know what to choose. While it may be difficult to make a decision, there is help available. And that is within ourselves. We are innately programmed to pursue the right choice. Listen to that feeble – faint voice that comes from within and you won’t go wrong. For sure. This is that higher calling that is guiding us every second.

Some religions say that God lives within ourselves, while some say that God is an external phenomenon. Some say he is male while others say she is female. In the morning before getting ready for the office, we hurry a lot, although we know that hurry is not good. Well, how are we going to reach office on time if we miss our regular bus ? Is there an age limit for doing yoga. Some say 5 and others 10. So many different views from so many different people. Some say that revengeful feelings are poisonous for our health and others say that we are spurred on by them. So should we keep them or learn to forgive. Some say that birth number 7 is lucky others say 3. Which one to believe ?

Actually, the more we listen to these gurus the more we are bound to get confused. Life is very simple. It’s learnt by living it. Fine, we need a guru advice once too often, but don’t start putting it into practice without thinking the pros and cons of the advice. We all come  equipped with all the answers. The question that we pose has an answer within ourselves, no need to look out. We should have a good value system and a servo motor like natures. (Servo motors correct their output automatically by feeding themselves with error input and thus correcting the output). By that I mean we should improve ourselves with every tick of the clock.

Look at nature. Does it have any contradictions ? Well, no.  All the opposites are within our minds and we need to get rid of them. All birds fly. All fishes swim. (there may be an exception or two, but these are special cases) While humans are the only ones who behave like different animals in different circumstances, forgetting that they are human. So what does it mean to be human ? Well, we are a privileged class. We have awareness. Of ourselves and of the surroundings. We can perceive higher powers through sensory and extra sensory perception. We can feel our soul and most importantly, within each of us is a treasure trove of information. Knowing this, we should stop listening to our lower selves and carve a life towards progress through spiritual calling.

To your evolution …


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