Thursday, June 05, 2014

What will you do before and after you die ?

Life is a snap. One moment you are awake and then you depart. To where ? We don’t know. This collective 80 years (average life span) passes on like a breeze leaving everything behind. The trail is visible for some days and then the world moves on. You are a forgotten person. Does the world really need you ? No. Make way for the new that is emerging and pass on your legacy to them. They will improve upon whatever it is that you have left behind or discard it and start anew. Death is not tragic it’s just a means of giving the budding souls a chance to perform better. As time ticks by, progress is achieved. New avenues. New things. New souls.

Death should be a reason for celebration as it’s exiting this world and entering newer places. Also this body really can’t keep fighting forever. You have to discard it and be free. As pure energy without mass. Floating in the ne-therlands of yore. No more running errands and wake up in the morning to catch the tube. No more meetings. No more cleaning up the house. No more watching TV. Cool, uh? All time for ourselves only. We can do what we please. Because we are in a world where you don’t have rules. Have I been to this world ? No. But the way I imagine it is, an energy particle freely wandering in the universe. That’s what happens after death.

So in the meanwhile what happens on Earth? Well, whatever it is that we have left behind will become somebody else’s. Typically a kin’s. So give it a good thought. What legacy are you going to leave behind ? Is it going to be a house with million dollars ? Is it a book that you have authored ? Is it a bunch of friends that care for you ? Whatever it is that you leave behind will be your signature. So what signature are you going to be leave behind ? What would you like to be written on your grave ? Did you live the life that you wanted to leave ? Were some of your wishes unfulfilled ? Did you have a grudge or two before you died ?

Lots of things to think upon. So if you want to live with all your heart, live every day as if it is your last day. What goals to accomplish ? Plan of the day. Encounters. Deliverables. And finally before you sleep, check of things that you did. And thank God that you are not already dead. Greet every morning as a gift from God to do all those things that you had wished that you would do or achieve. Perfect a signature talk. That will be your style. Yours and yours only. Flash it across all people you come across. You will be magnetic. Once again, remind yourself that any time we may be liquidated from this world. So do your best and leave the rest to God. Amen !


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