Saturday, June 21, 2014

What is my purpose in life ?

Some people are not aware of the fact that we are spiritual beings trapped in a human body. The moment we realize this our actions change from normal to super. Like a leaf whose only purpose is to keep the tree alive, our only reason to be here is to do good for ourselves and others. Everything that is born of this material nature will die and be reborn again. The body withers away, but the atman (soul) just passes on to newer bodies. From a physical aspect, we can say that the atman (soul) lives within the physical body. But atman (soul) is weightless and formless. Hence what we mean by the fact that atman (soul) lives within the body is that, we are part an parcel of the supreme being. The atman (soul) may not physically be within the body, but that is our inner truth.

The purpose of life is to realize this atman (soul) and then there is nothing more to be found. Some people have figured out the truth but only a handful of people have digested the fact. The people who have really realized the atman (soul) can be distinguished by their actions. Although all actions lead to work, all work is not because of actions. Those actions where  the work is done for work’s sake and not for the fruits of the action, the karma (action) is called nishkama yoga. Such a person who follows this dictum, does not worry about the results.   You have to realize one thing clearly – the result is not within your hands. It’s a giving from God. The results are not a fluke of luck, but based on scientific principles. All of the universe follows science. (discovered and to be discovered)

Some people mistakenly think that desire is bad and causes all problems. This is partially true for those desires where the attachment to the results is there. Desire is a primal force and everyone moves ahead like the donkey with the carrot in front of it. No problem. But don’t get attached to it. Do work for work’s sake. If you desire success, so be it, but the moment you make it your to agenda or you can’t live without it, then it becomes dangerous. Once more let me repeat : Desire is good as long as we do our karma with a sense of detachment. Don’t get affected by something that did not go well, although you put in a lot of effort. Well, God has different plans for you.

Very often, the results of an action may not be in the form that you were envisaging it. Whatever it may be, thank God an move on. Knowledge by itself is not useful. When we accept the knowledge and align ourselves in our efforts, then knowledge becomes powerful. One word for the same would be Wisdom. Everything in this universe is subject to the laws of birth and death. Our Sun also will burn out after 5 billion years. Knowing this great truth is not enough. Accept it. This life on Earth is a short detour. We came from God’s kingdom and we will return there upon liquidation. So relax and enjoy the show of your life. You are the director, actor, producer and cameraman. Become a nishkama yogi and sever all your attachments and move on with the wisdom of the atman (soul)

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