Saturday, June 28, 2014

Everything you wanted to know about the soul

The soul is the purest part of us that is unique in the universe. This soul is a part of the greater soul or God. It is his part in us. Every soul is the finest part of the self that cannot be cut by a knife or burnt by fire. Some say the soul lives within us. Well, that is not true. It’s not a physical thing. It’s pure energy that resides everywhere. Not just within the body, but the whole universe. The soul is not affected by our actions. Nor by our thoughts. It’s a silent witness of the time that we spend on this Earth.  The first or the primordial reason why this universe was created was the desire of God. He wished to experience himself and hence he created this universe and all the things in it. He experiences himself through the soul that he put into the beings. Everything that has been created, is a part and parcel of the supreme soul or God.

The soul is not born or does not die. It has been there since forever. This material universe might have been created 20 billion years ago, as scientists say. But the soul was existing before that also. In Bhagvad Gita, Lord Krishna says that 1% of his energy sustains the material universe. Can you imagine the rest 99% ? That’s how powerful God is. Beyond our wildest guesses. The only reason why the soul witnesses is because of God’s wish. He wishes to experience all his creations. Hence the soul is like that bird which sits on a tree, while we (our emotions, thoughts, actions) are like that bird that eats the fruit of the tree. The other bird just watches whatever it is that we do, and enjoys. There is a term for what God is doing, it’s called ‘Lila’ or simply Play. Why do kids play ? Because it is fun. That’s God’s idea of fun, just watching us.

Our only mission on this Earth is to realize the soul. Because it’s infinite in nature, we may only get a glimpse of it. But that’s good enough. All our experiences are being felt by the soul or God. It simply watches and passes no judgements. Some people ask me ‘what about rebirth ?’. The soul takes up a new body. Well that is the general term to make it understandable for us. Actually, the soul is simply watching the progression from one creation to another. What is reborn is a body with our past karma’s which have not got nullified. Let me elaborate that. You see when we die, what’s left of us, is the thoughts, emotions that we experienced and our actions. These are all recorded in the universe. But karma is the one that has a reaction (not within our control). The reaction is God’s reply to our action. This is a scientific universe. Every karma generates a particular kind of reaction. When our karma’s are all exhausted and we don’t have any baggage, we are born as a person with no past karma’s. That means our slate board is empty. Or we can choose to be a part of the super soul permanently. No rebirth.

But God goes on creating new and new things beyond our wildest imagination. And every creation has a soul. Including the stone. You may think it is non living. Well, that’s not completely true. The stone is just vibrating at a different frequency than us. It has a life of it’s own. And it is not as grand as what we (a higher order of life) experience. But the soul is present everywhere. Like muddied water, what is left behind after physical death, is the mud (our unaccounted karma’s) and this is carried forward to the new being that we are born as. Maybe we have realized the soul and the mud is no more existent. That exactly is the purpose of life. Realize the soul and leave no mud behind. We have no control over the soul. But we can try to be evolved soul’s in this Earth. Only evolved souls (those who have realized the soul) can make this planet into a beautiful world. Because time doesn’t come and go, we do …

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