Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dream on till your dreams come true ...

Seasons come. Seasons go. In this, one thing that remains unabated is our dreams. Work towards it. Slow and steady. Some people have dreams, but lack the motivation and attitude to make it come true. For these people a change is mandated. A computer program is similar. It represents a dream of one or many people. It gets shaped through time. And finally when the program becomes ready, look at the ‘a-ha’ behind the many who wrote it.

In a similar way, we have dreams about ourselves. Regurgitate them every day. So no matter how the day has been, we still know where we are headed. Don’t let anyone convince you of otherwise. You are someone special and you have been ordained to do special things. Wait, but don’t hang up. The only distance between you and your dreams is your will. In the end, you won’t be known for your connections but the dream that you made come true.

This will stand the testament of time.  We have a very short life and too much to do. Take them one spoon at a time.  Just enough to be palatable to the senses. Drink  deeply from the well of life. Your experiences are a great way of spiritual communion. Learn from them. Apply the truths in your day to day life. Soon a character would be molded out of that.

And as years pass by, this character would be strong enough to weather any storm. Your personality will glow in the stage of life, as an achiever. Somebody who could steer from adversities and make his/her dream come true. Because finally that is all there is to it. We come into this world empty handed and go back empty handed. Nothing is ours, except our dream.

Dream on. Dream on till your dreams come true. (Aerosmith)


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